Mischievous Cat Managed To Flood Home And Caused $30,000 AUD Worth Of Damage

A married couple from Adelaide, Australia had quite the rude awakening. Amber and Joe Fauser went to bed without a care in the world. Ok, maybe not exactly without a care, but certainly without thinking their house will be flooded during the night.

Their Bengal cat, Eve, turned the tap overnight, and that caused the entire downstairs of the house to be flooded.

The couple slept peacefully, assuming that the cat is sleeping in her usual place in the laundry room.

Joe, 25, works as a security guard and because of the job has to wake up early, was shocked when he woke up at 6am to find this travesty.

When he came downstairs he saw pools of water. He rushed to check on their cat Eve, and there she was, sitting on top of the washing machine.

Right beside her, there was a laundry tap that was pouring water into the room. The cat most likely turned it on.

The couple wanted to fix the damage as soon as possible, so they immediately called the repairman.

It is an understatement to say they were unpleasantly surprised when they found out that the repair will cost them a massive $30,000 AUD (over $25,000 USD).

The flood emergency services team needed a whole day to dry the house, suck the water and rip out the drenched floorboards and carpets.

After the first aid, came the long period of healing, so in the next seven days, they used 30 different air dryers to complete the drying. Needles to say, the electricity bill skyrocketed.

And they just moved into the house three months earlier.

22-year-old student, Amber remembers: "My husband and I went to bed at about 10pm and we had put Eve in the laundry room to sleep, as we have done for the past year.

"Around 6am the next morning, Joe woke up for work, he went out of our room to get his uniform and was greeted by water almost at our front door.

"He quickly went to find the source of where it was coming from and found Eve on top of the washing machine with the laundry tap on full blast..."

"We knew it was Eve straight away because she is always causing havoc and playing with things because the Bengal in her makes her super curious.

"We then had to call up Joe's work and my unit to inform them we wouldn't be in today as we dealt with the aftermaths of Eve."

The couple installed baby locks around the house to stop the naughty cat from doing it again.

Needless to say, the laundry room is off-limits for Eve from now on.

"We bought her an outdoor enclosure with access to the garage and only let them roam the house when someone is home and awake!" Amber concludes.

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