These Cats Wear Hats Made Out Of Their Own Fur and Look Majestic

To the absolute dismay of many cat parents, cats often do not like to be dressed up in little cat clothes. Many an outfit as been bought; a knitted jumper, reindeer antlers, even two pairs of tiny socks, only to be thrown onto the floor in disgust moments after it has been placed on their furry bodies--if they even let you get it on at all!

It can be very disheartening to spend your hard earned money on an outfit that you know they'd look adorable in when they refuse to wear it. Some cats don't even tolerate wearing collars and walk around naked all the time. This photographer had a genius solution in the realm of cat attire; make it out of their own fur!

Ryo Yamazaki, a Tokyo based photographer, makes his cats hats out of their own fur!

He has three scottish fold kitties: the ginger named Mugi, age one, a tabby named Nya, age eight, and Maru, a six-year-old white cat.

The results are honestly amazing

The kitties also wear other accessories to match their hats

Look at this royal kitty

The amount of detail is amazing

Cat in disguise

This is my favourite

Channelling their inner pilot

I'm just so impressed the cats allow it

The fur is obtained by brushing the cats and then sculpting it

Fancy kitty

I love that since the cats are different colours, there are able to be multiple shades in each hat

Hon hon hon meow


Follow them on Instagram for lots of styles and designs @rojiman and @umatan.

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