Guy Jokingly Makes The Signature On His ID Three Cat Heads, Regrets It Years Later When He Has To Sign Mortgage Papers

Signing an official paper for the first time ever always feels like a huge deal, you finally start feeling like a proper adult so you try to make your signature as cool as possible, you scribble a couple of drafts over and over until it's absolutely perfect, then you patiently wait for your time to shine.

Years ago, Reddit user Brad Johnsen had to renew his license so he thought it would funny to draw three cat heads instead of his actual signature, years later he ended up regretting it after it was time to sign a couple of legal documents.

Here's the full story, told by Brad himself:

Now that's an adorable signature!

He had to sign 30 documents while his real estate agent laughed her butt off

Here's what people commented on his story:

Homeowner literally has "meow" in it but no one ever noticed it

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