This Timid, Quiet Cat Imitated A Lion To Save Her Owner From A Heart Attack

Animals not only make great companions throughout life, but they are also loyal, intelligent creatures that try to protect their people, even if they are not good at showing it.

One family knows this very well. Brandy Miller and her family have a timid, quiet cat named "Shotzie" who never seemed like the type of animal to do something really outspoken. Brandy explains: 

“She’s not really a people cat. She doesn’t like being around anyone except for my mom and my stepdad, Kirk. If anyone comes over, she usually hides. And if I’m around her, she’ll usually start hissing. She just doesn’t like me or my sisters.”

In the beginning of March of this year, Shotzie did something completely out of character which showed just how much she loves her family- which consists of Brandy, her sisters, their stepdad, Kirk, and their mother, Tammy.

On the 2nd of March, Brandy's stepdad, Kirk, had a heart attack at the house he lives in with Tammy.

“My stepdad was getting ready to leave for work. He leaves for work at 4 o’clock in the morning. I think he had just fed Shotzie, and he was going to the door and he had this massive heart attack. He fell back and hit the ground.”

 Being close to Kirk when it happened, Shotzie had a plan:

"She ran back in the bedroom, jumped up on the bed, slid across her comforter, pounced on my mom’s head and let out the biggest roar to wake her up, She said, ‘Shotzie roared like a mountain lion.’ She said it was an extremely loud and deep growl to get her up and get moving.”

It seems Shotzie took inspiration from her distant relatives.

Due to the fact that Shotzie was a very quiet cat and had never made sounds like that before, Tammy knew something had to be going on, so she ran to the living room and found Kirk lying there on the floor. Miller explains further:

 “She immediately started CPR on him, but couldn’t get a response from him. She got the firefighters there, and they had to shock him three times, and they finally got a heartbeat from him.”

Kirk was able to get to the hospital just in time to save his life, all because shy Shotzie decided to speak up. Kirk was in stable condition once he reached the hospital, but has to go back to have a triple bypass surgery done on his heart. While he's at home waiting for the surgery, Shotzie hasn't left his side.

According to Brandy, Shotzie is "just watching Kirk constantly, even when he goes to the bathroom. That cat will not let him out of her sight. Kirk is extremely thankful for Shotzie saving his life and is making the effort to show her. He’s been feeding her like it’s going out of style, and they’re making sure she’s living in style. He is so glad they have her.”

Shotzie is finally starting to come out of her shell now. It seems like Kirk's heart attack was just the push she needed to speak up more.

After the incident, everyone else is thankful too:

“We are beyond thankful he and my mom have this cat in their lives. She’s slowly starting to come around me more, too, so that makes it even better. We will no longer refer to her as the mean cat. It’s still hard to believe it all happened. It’s absolutely amazing.”

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