Realistic Reasons Explaining Why Your Cat Is Glad To See You Back Home

Having pets is riddled with life mysteries. Science tries desperately to understand the inner mental mechanisms of our furry friends and most of the time we have speculations at best. We don't really understand them more often than not. Though of course, we sure like to think we do. I mean, how often have people thought "my cat brought me this dead mouse because it is a gift of love and affection?" Only for science to suggest your cat brought you that dead mouse because s/he thinks you're too stupid to hunt for yourself. 

We do try, though.

If it's any consolation though, it's all right here in the 9 reasons your cat is super stoked you got home today. 

1. They've gotten enough sleep, already.

I know, I know, that doesn't really sound like a real thing for cats, does it? But it's true. They do spend most of their day sleeping and it's probably totally fabulous but they stretch and prance up to you at first sight and sound because unlike the myths that dog people like to perpetuate, your cat is super stoked to see you and sleeping all day is a lot more boring than purring while rubbing on your legs and begging for scratches and snuggles. 

2. They marked ya.

It's no shocking news that when fluffy rubs his precious little floofy face all over you that he's marking you with his scent but why is he so eager when you get home to get right down to rubbing scent-business?

Well, all day you've been collecting foreign scents and we just can't have that. So when you come home with all those "not fluffy" smells all over you, Fluffy has to rub all over, even with enthusiasm sometimes, until you smell "just right" again. 

How sweet!

3. Food.

You're ready to prepare dinner NOW, right?

It doesn't matter what you leave out during the day, your cat is super excited when you get home because of the thing that unites all living creatures: food.

Whether you go to the kitchen to prep your own meal or your cat's delicatessen of a meal (only the best, right,) it doesn't matter: Kitty is attracted to the scents and the allure of dinner. 

4. The Toy Conundrum

When you're gone for a few hours, let alone the whole day, your cat spends a great deal of time sleeping. They also have time to enjoy their favorite toys without any potential distractions and with all the time you've been away there's like over a 90% chance they lost one of the toys under the couch or some other place they can't quite seem to get to despite their best efforts. When you come home your cat knows "ah, my human can help me retrieve the object of my desires."

5. Preparing for Pamering

Cats have a reputation for being independent critters. Actually, even the most social variety manage to hold down this reputation.

The truth, however, is that one of the best parts about having human companionship is all the pampering you bestow upon them. Snuggles, cuddles, scratches, and especially brushing that fur. Kitty loves to soak in all the time and attention you have to offer and after a long day of not getting any, your cat is primed and ready to make up for lost time. 

6. You are fun to stare at.

While we're not 100% sure what our cats stare at all day when we are not home, it's pretty apparent they are bored with their usual visual stimulants because they sure do a lot of staring at us when we get home. We can only assume (pretty safely) that they are excited for the opportunity to stare at us. 

Personally, I assume they are trying to communicate telepathically, "food, human, I require the food."

7. There's a good chance you're about to shower.

While most cats in general don't really enjoy water time themselves for some reason they seem to enjoy hanging out in the bathroom while you shower. Maybe it's because they are so comfortable bathing themselves in front of us so it just seems natural to hang out while we scrub down, too? Either way, it's something for your cat to look forward to. 

8. They assume it's time for food.

It's not even about the smells at this point or what you might be preparing for yourself, your cat is super stoked you're home because they assume 100% that you're about to feed them

Realistically, of course, they're totally right. 

9. They LOVE you.


Does this really need to be said? Your cat loves you and is happy to see you. Duh. Some people love cats and would do anything for them. Others simply want an easy pet and take them home. But when they find something 'wrong' with their pet, they take them off to a shelter or dump them in any old place! Check out this poor cat who was dumped not once, but four times. Don't worry - there is a happy ending to this tale!

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