This Cat Suffers From the Human Equivalent of Anxiety and Nervousness Called Hyperesthesia Syndrome

If you happen to have a cat, you've probably seen it suddenly stop in the middle of whatever it was doing and just weirdly freeze for a second, then immediately jump straight up into the air and take off running like a hellhound was after them.ย 

For most cats, that's just playing around, but for some others, it is called Hyperesthesia syndrome.

How do you even deal with such a dilemma?

It can actually make them go a little bit crazy. It is a condition that affects a cat's behavior and can cause some serious frustration to its parents. Let's hear about Karen and Jack's experience with Sansa, the cat.

Hey, my friend in the window has extra toesies just like me! She wiggles them whenever I wiggle mine too! ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ #hellofromtheotherside

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Karen's story was love at first sight. She first spotted the beautiful Sansa hiding under a bed outside a Petco store in Manhattan. She was blown away by her beautiful white fur and her gorgeous unique looking eyes. That's when she knew she had to take her home.

Once Sansa was finally settled at home, Karen and Jack started noticing a number of strange behaviors and wanted to desperately help her in any way possible.ย 

Karen says that Sansa's odd behaviors resulted from the cat attacking itself or when she would charge at Jack and Karen when they try to stop her from hurting herself.ย 

They figured afterwards that the best way to prevent these incidents is to distract the cat with its favorite toys.

Karen and Jack sought help in every way possible. They took her to a vet who prescribed her Thiamine and Fish Oil and they also went to a pet guru who believed that predigested food is the best alternative if given with Probiotics.

The couple's love for Sansa gave them so much faith and taught them not to give up.ย 

They even became spokespeople and made a lot of efforts to persuade anyone who was afraid of adopting cats with feline hyperesthesia syndrome.

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