Things That You'll Only Find Funny If You Can Relate To Your Cat Being A Total Jerk

The internet has this running joke about how cats are hilariously horrible to own, people either seem to think that they're tiny puffs of purring love, or the embodiment of satan which honestly, isn't too far from the truth. If you actually own a cat you'll know that both of those views are true, and often come out in your cat on the same day, most days, okay, all of the time. A cat will love your scratches one second and bite your hand of the next, but that doesn't mean they don't love you!

I fact, a lot of cats cause trouble for attention from their owners, because they think they're hungry, or just haven't heard the sound of shattering glass this week. How do I know all of this? I own one of the tiny devils myself and get the adorable evil first hand every day. This all being said, that doesn't mean that cat owners don't find stuff other cats do hilarious, but that's only because it's not happening to us... Yet.

1. Yep. We can all admit our cat is an asshole.

2. Probably the same person who put the dead mouse in your shoe. What a mystery.

4. No one will oppose a sleep demon.

My friend's cat is an asshole. from r/funny

5. "I love you" *Breaks glass*

6. Yep. That's how my cat feels about me.

I introduced my cat to my newborn daughter from r/funny

7. You shouldn't have left them on a push-able ledge.

came home to find this, my cat is a jerk. from r/funny

8. Every cat owners nightmare

9. Cats seek link into the CIA database, they must be watched at all times.

can't trust cats from r/funny

10. Why am I not surprised...

Cats, being assholes since the 15th century. from r/funny

11. My house must be the happiest hell-hole on earth!

12. Why do I even bother.

My cat being a jerk, then laughing at me. from r/funny

13. Cats are also very skilled actors, the ginger one played Simba on Broadway.

14. If it's just like the sink you may as well use the sink, no?

"It's just like the sink" they said. Thirty dollars later and my cat is still an asshole. from r/funny

15. RIP

16. Cats. Both hilarious and disgusting.

My cat is a jerk... from r/funny

17. yup.

18. YUP.

Cats are assholes. from r/funny

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