Signs That Your Cat Really Does Love You

Cats are stereotypically very independent and closed off animals. The depiction of cats in media today is independent bordering on demanding and that they do not need the humans they surround themselves with.

Some however have been known to be very loving and enjoy sitting on laps being patted. I once knew a cat just like that (R.I.P. Simon - we miss you). Even if your cat isn’t like this, they are more than likely showing you signs of their love that are going missed.

Here are some signs that your cat really does love you that are absolutely adorable.

Soft love bites.

Hanging around you wherever you are.

Kneading you (and needing you)

Twitching the tips of their tail


Eye contact and possible kitty kisses.

Your cat brings you presents.

Your kitty will show you their tummy.

Your cat will headbutt you.

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