A Cat That Absolutely Loves Water, Especially His Morning Showers

The British Longhair Cat named Meepo is brewing up a storm on the internet with his odd behavior, particularly for a feline. Most of us who are cat owners know not to put our fur babies near anything wet, at all, because they simply just don't like it.

For Meepo, having a coat with very long and luscious hair means that sometimes a bit more than a routine lick is required to keep it clean and fresh. This has resorted to his family bathing him every Saturday - and he loves every second of it. Meepo is truly defying the odds of normal, water-hating cats, and we think it's adorable.

The shower cap suits him extraordinarily.

Looking a bit like Cleopatra here.

A bit like a 60's up do in this one.

Bright eyes for the warm water.

Shower all done and happy as Larry.

Paws up

Gorgeous and flawless

Shower accessories are a must.

Clean again and happier than ever.

Again, fresher than ever.

Waiting around for his next clean.

Meet the cleanest kitty who loves his fresh fur.

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