This Cat Collar Translates Meows Into Human Words So You Can Finally Understand What Your Cat Is Trying To Tell You

Attention cat lovers: have you ever wanted to know what your cat is trying to tell you? Don't lie, we all know you've had many conversations with your lovely cat and have spent hours wishing they could reply. But what if you could discover what your cat is trying to communicate?

While I like to think my cat is trying to tell me something interesting, likely she's just yelling at me to feed her (perhaps I could teach her to say please?). Thanks to the marvel of technology these days, cat owners can now discover what their beloved pet is saying.

It's been proven that cats only meow to communicate with humans. Not only this, but cats have learnt to make a variety of sounds--each one meaning something unique.

But what if you could decode them?

Thanks to this collar, you can!

The collar contains a microphone which connects to a mobile app via Bluetooth and WiFi technology.

You then choose your cats voice, and after your furry friend speaks, the app translates it for you!

The production company believes that if people understood cats better, cats would receive more recognition for being the amazing animal they are!

If nothing else, hearing cats speak with posh British accents is hilarious.

Check out the Temptations Lab website for more information.

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