Cat With Markings Shaped Like Cats Goes Viral On Twitter

Animals are cute. They do cute things, have cute names, and look at you with the cutest little faces, ever. Well, what if you could have double the cute, without having to put in double the care?

Twitter user @tatuya01 has found a way to have just that. On August 17th of this year, they posted a photo of a cat with what looks like another cat shape in its markings and of course, Twitter loves it. so Far the images have been shared over 137 thousand times, and have been 'favorited' over 253 thousand times. All for a cat!

Check out the images below.

Here's what just a few people had to say about the adorable feline:

And my personal favorite:

Some even posted pictures of their cats with their own cool markings!

Share this with your friends if you think they need some cat-ception in their lives! Cats are known to be very ungrateful and emotionally indifferent, that's why they always make sure to let us know that they absolutely do not care about what we have to offer for them.

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