Moms That Didn't Want Cats In Their Homes Until They Inevitably Fell In Love

There's been a lot of buzz recently about dads who didn't want cats. Until they got a cat and fell immediately in love. As good as a story is about a father building an “unwanted” cat a cat tower or letting it sleep in his bed. What about reluctant cat mothers?

Just as often as dads, mothers don’t want pets. Potentially it is because they know (despite all the protests) that they will be the ones that end up cleaning up after it. But cats have the magic ability to wriggle their way into our hearts—whether we like it or not. Check out these mothers who didn’t want a cat—until a cat wanted them!

Hope that was the cat's Christmas present

Watch this! You won't regret it!

Doesn't take long to change their mind

Best friends

She doesn't like the cat... she LOVES it.

Maybe she just wants likes.

The cat is allowed on the table too? Amazing.

It didn't even take a whole day

This is the cutest

The cat wins this round

Perfect for a baby

I'm allergic to cats too, but it doesn't stop me!

"My mom used to hate my cat. Now she tucks him in..."

"You're not getting a cat BUT if you do..."

Excellent role model

"No more cats... okay ONE more cat"

Looks like she will!

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