The Museum Of A Cat Lover's Dreams Exists In Real Life and Crazy Cat People Are Flocking There

Cat lovers of the world unite, this is the news you have been waiting for! There is a museum dedicated to CATS. Yes! And, I don't mean that there is a room in a museum about cats. The whole museum is cat themed! There are cat paintings, sculptures, posters, and even real cats! The museum is called KattenKabinet and it is located in Amsterdam.

Want to know the best part about of all this? The fact that it was founded in 1990 by a rich guy named William Meijer, who wanted to preserve the memory of his cat, Tom.

The museum is super impressive! It looks, and feels, like a "normal" museum. It even has works by Picasso for you to admire!

The museum is a converted from a house. The museum is on the lower floor and the owner and their family still live upstairs. There are four rooms to walk through.

There's even a gift shop that is full of cat mechanise (and who can get enough of that)!

Plus, as if it didn't get any better, but there are actual cats wandering through too!

This post is not sponsored by KattenKabinet but I sure wish it was. Visit their website here.

BRB booking a flight to Amsterdam.

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