Guy Fell Asleep Innocently In His Front Yard and Woke Up Asking Himself 'Is This How You Get a Cat?'

Cats live their lives in mysterious ways. Despite being some of the most opinionated animals on Earth, regularly making their human's lives extremely hard for no reason, they are definitely still lovers, and just want attention and love from people.

That's exactly what appears to have happened here with this cat. An Australian man fell asleep on his front porch and awoke to a little homeless kitten sleeping on him. After spending a bit of time with the little feline he decided he wanted to keep it, and keep it he did! Check out below for the adorable photos of the two new best friends.

What a cutie!

I hope he got it checked for diseases though...

Best friends

Playful little bugger!

The owner posted a series of updates to let everyone know how it was going

“She is the most fun cat I ever played with, and the most stubborn/attention-seeker as well. I legit don’t get to do one thing in the house without her roaming around me, and I’ve given up on training her to sleep in her little bed I bought and now we share our bed, and her little bed is just collecting dust in the corner of my room.”

Ali has already named her – Angel.

The internet thought this was a cute story, and left some thoughts behind.

Cat overlords


I doubt the cat put this much thought into it


Great ideas

I see what you did there


Naps are essential.

Chicken nuggets

Dunno if it's all its cracked up to be

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