Cats That Prefer Everything But Their Expensive Gifts

Leave it to your cat to ignore the hundreds of dollars you've spent on toys in order to play with a rubber band or the box that cat condo came in. It's not that they don't appreciate the gifts you give them and it's not that they aren't grateful for your attempts to buy their love... It's just that they don't need those things to know how much you love them and they don't need those things to be truly happy in life. A warm family to snuggle, yummy bowls of food, and a cardboard box are all these kitties need.

That still won't stop us from laughing hysterically at how much we missed the mark when we spent money on these ridiculous toys when all they needed were the simple things in life.

1. I'm not even mad.

I'm impressed.

2. At least he tried

What if the cat was the bed all along and the bed was the cat?

3. Who needs beds and toys?

This sink will do just fine. On a side note, has anyone ever owned a cat that didn't nap in the sink? I doubt it.

4. This is what fat cat thinks of Christmas

Maybe he just... knows... what's inside the box.

5. This is what happens when your cat doesn't read the instructions

I mean... I guess a scratching post can double as a bed...

6. If you ever needed a sign...

This is your sign that your cat doesn't want a stupid cat bed.

7. Who needs a fluffy kitty bed?

The dustpan is... just as comfortable... apparently.

8. The epitome of happiness

Have you seriously ever seen a happier cat?

9. Cardboard boxes for life.

That's the cat lifestyle.

10. Loud and clear

Next to the bed, happy as a clam.

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