Cat Found The Best Possible Way To Open Doors And We're Living For It

This six-year-old cat named Charlie found a genius way to open doors, and I'm here to say I'm in full support of his antics. Having always been an affectionate cat who loved attention, Charlie is willing to do anything to get to a family member on the other side of a closed door.

The way this kitty opens doors is smart and.. pretty creative, but he can't help that it looks hilarious. It's adorable how determined he is to access the lap of the nearest human. Keep being your lively self, Charlie; props to you for figuring out this brilliant method.

Here's Charlie in all his glory.

According to his owner Chantel, Charlie gets upset is a member of his family is in a different room.

Charlie sticks one paw into the crack of the door, then proceeds to do a tumbling flip to push the door open.

An unusual method, but one that works nonetheless.

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