Cats On Catnip Fans Tell Us The Best Stories About Where Their Cats Came From

We asked the community to tell us where they got their purr-fect pusses from and these tales of tails will definitely warm your heart! Everyone who has ever taken in a kitty has a special story for each cat, and each story is a special memory of a special day.

Whether your cat came from a shelter like countless others or your cat has a fascinating origin story, we are all about hearing the heartwarming details that transformed your life from before the cat, to after the cat.

Truly, there is nearly nothing in life as wonderful as when a cat joins your home and burrows into your heart, to nap there forever.


From four weeks to forever.

Crazy Cat Girls

That's how you know you're raising your kids right!


A tasty bribe for a forever home.

Not so feral anymore!

Living in the lap of loving luxury.

Put your paws up for rescue adoptions!

Daisy is a lucky cat.

Shelter cats are so special.

Thank you to everyone who adopts instead of shops!

Happy Birthday!

You coulld definitely say this is the purr-fect present.

The age old question:

What came first, the boyfriend or the cat?

Hey kids, you want some cats?


He came in like a wrecking ball.

Sometimes the cats choose you, sometimes you choose the cats.

"My first and only love."

Cat love is true love.

The chosen ones.

What a lovely family!

College can bring about some great things.

It must have been a very compelling speech!


A proper rescue, indeed!

Sometimes it's all about timing.

In our darkest hours, sometimes the right cat truly comes to us.


Cats can truly transform our lives.

That tongue, though!

Who could say no to a face like this? NO ONE.

From volunteer work to forever home.

I dare any cat lover to resist a paw reaching to you for love. (It's impossible, or... im-paw-sible.)

Rescue Love

Sometimes the connection is deep from the very moment you see the cats.

Cat Family

It's so sweet how often the cats we have now are direct descendants of the cats that started our love of cats in the first place!

My Baby

Don't overlook a cat, you just might be missing the best piece of your heart.

Onyx and Diva

A tale of two tails.

This cat took charge of the situation.

Some cats just won't take no for an answer!

One squeak changed everything.

Just look at this small bean. LOOK!

Spunk and Purr-sonality

Naturally, you'd have to choose the kitten who talks back.

But the most popular answer of all...

While a lot of people get their cats from shelters, truly so many people feel deep down inside that their cats chose them.

And we couldn't agree more.

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