This Bengal Cat and Otter Become Unlikely Friends

Meet Pip.

Pip was a zoo otter born to a little of five babies. Unfortunately for Pip, Otter's only have four nipples to feed their young, and Pip wasn't getting enough milk to be able to grow and survive.Luckily a caring Zoo Keeper by the name of Pia Cuijpers was around to feed Pip and decided to take Pip into her home to care for her.

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Now meet Sam.

Sam is a Bengal Cat, something Pia had always wanted. When Sam moved in the two animals had separate rooms so they could have their space, but soon they were playing together, grooming each other, and even spending their time sleeping and eating together. Not only that, but Sam has massive amounts of energy to play and explore, and this is great for being the play mate of a demanding and intelligent animal like Pip.

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These two together make the best of friends, spending lots of time together and sharing their adventures on both their Instagram page and Youtube Channel (Check out their links below!) But even so, they still have their differences!

According to Pia, they both like to eat all the time and are like two little kids who constantly mess up your house, but isn't that just the most adorable idea?

Unlike Sam, however, Pip has learned to enjoy walking on a leash and going for strolls with Pia and has learned lots of commands no matter how hard she may have been to teach. 

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