Cat Likes To Sit Outside Cafe So People Let Her In For Snacks

Cats are well known for only liking two things: sleep and food. Another thing cats are known for? Being devious. Really, it was only a matter of time before cats learnt that rather than having to wait until their bowl was filled, they could just venture down the road and find a cat-loving cafe. I mean, dogs get to sit outside at some cafes--why shouldn't cats?

And what happens when a cunning cat decides to work this out and happen to live near a cafe? A funny Twitter thread. We all like a good clever cat story and this one is no exception.

David Fucillo saw the cat sitting outside a cafe and tweeted about it.

Here is the cat, sitting and looking longingly inside the cafe she isn't allowed in.

Oak Street, New Orleans. Go find the cat!!

The cafe responded, giving the name of the cat.

Here Squeak is! She loves pats!

Others responded with similar signs.

Truly heartbreaking

"My meow is a lie"

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