The Internet Combined A Cat And An Owl To Create The Strangely Adorable Meowl

Thanks to the Internet, we have this being, the "meowl". 

When a person who is really good at Photoshop decides to combine two animals and post them for all to see on the Internet, you know it's going to be good. We are proud to give you the "meowl". It's a seamless combination of a cat and an owl that is strangely adorable, awkwardly comforting, and really just cute but with a weird aftertaste. 

Take a look at the pictures below to check out all of the new species of meowls that were created the day that someone got super, extra bored. 

Awww look at the cute little guy!

Just chillin', perched on a ledge

A beautiful, winter scene

The 360 degree head turn is more creepy this way

A trio of meowls

I'm not sure the point of the flowers though?

What a pretty kit-....bir-....??

An artist's rendition

Chubby cheeked meowl

Just perched on a branch

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