"Crazy Cat Lady" Makes Hilarious Comics About The Daily Life With Her Cat

Missangest is a Swedish artist and self pro-claimed "Crazy Cat Lady," who has been inspired by her special needs cat, Nils, to create hilarious and adorable comics that recap the daily life and musings of life with a spunky cat. Missangest also lives life with her dog, Luka. The three are an inseparable, loving family and while the comics are usually specific to their experiences, the universal language of loving our pets and the personalities of our fur-babies is something that anyone can relate to and see enjoyment in.

Missangest is a freelance artist who says, "I have been drawing ever since I was a little kid! It's my greatest passion of all and I always work hard to get better at it!"

Meet the dynamic duo that inspries the comics!

Nils was a shelter cat and Luka was a rescue dog.


No pets.

Why bother cleaning?

A vicious cycle.

Introducing my kitty to the dog.

Accurate representation.

Who rescued who?

The mystery remains.

Happy to serve you, cat.


Great Expectations

Even better results? You decide.

Peas in a pod.

That's cat life.

Toys? TOYS?

Do not spend money on toys.

What do you see, kitty-cat?

I am displeased.


I see this more as encouragement.

The WORST sound, ever.

My least favorite.

Banners of Truth

We all have our titles.


I'm not unimpressed that someone could teach their pets this, it's just that I would never.

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