If You're a Cat Owner You'll Totally Relate To These Illustrations

Cats love to be arrogant at times, at least that's what it seems. It almost seems that in a cat's head you are his servant and he is your master which explains their behavior a lot. But regardless we love them all so much because they're warm, fluffy and cuddly and can act in silly ways that can be very entertaining.

These illustrations made by the brilliant artist Rupert Fawcett are so relatable and funny like most of his work that you can check out on his Facebook page "On The Prowl Cat Cartoons"

1. You can never love cats as much as they love themselves

2. They always do their job properly

3. You can't stay young forever

4. They'll always choose a plain box over any expensive toy

5. Waking humans up better than alarms since 1544

6. They love controlling things

7. One sided love

8. Cats are very useful

9. Never upset your cat

10. Cats don't care about the rules because they always make their own

11. You have spectators for everything

12. Their most powerful weapons, the claws

13. Kitten School

14. You can't ignore me, i'm your master

15. Cats love some weird things

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