Brilliant Artist Illustrates The Hilarious Moments In Every Cat Owner's Life

Cat parents always tend to have quite an eventful life because if you happen to have a cat, forget about personal time and space since they will invade the hell out of it and force you to be a little more active and a little uncomfortable.

Although no one can deny that it's the cutest thing in the whole world, cats are just marvelous and they make our lives so much more colorful and exciting.

Lingvistov is a brilliant artist who illustrates the typical life of a cat owner, it's so accurate that it's impossible for you not to relate to at least one of them.

1. Getting used for natural warmth

2. Finally a friendly face

3. Get used to it

4. Can't miss any cute moments

5. They shape shift

6. Little fluffy thief

7. Uncomfortable sleeping positions

8. Things that go bump in the night

9. Curiosity killed the cat

10. Finally a suitable throne

11. Annoying random cats is the best

12. True Love

13. Figure it out hooman

14. I won't allow it

15. Oh lord, not again

16. Cats are the best

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