Cat Parents, Listen Up To These Top Tips To Keep Your Cats Happy

Cats are often seen as being a more of a low maintenance pet than dogs. This is partly because of their independence, often aloof attitude and the fact they don’t need to be walked. However, cats do not only depend on you to be a provider of food and a delightful source of warmth.

Cats needs can be complex and often are not properly explained. This is especially true for indoor cats who are more dependent on humans than outside cats. This list is full of tips that will help you give your cat the life it always dreamed of, and, honestly, will probably make them a little less irritating by stopping bad behaviours! 

1. Make sure they have a wide variety of toys.

Just like humans cats can get bored, too.

2. Cats don't need expensive toys either. They're perfectly happy with a box or scrunched up piece of paper.

Really, they just want whatever you don't want them to have.

3. Cats and technology can mix!

There's plenty of options available--for example, remote controlled toys or cameras that allow you to check in with them during the day.

4. Most inside plants and cats do NOT mix.

Keep toxic plants away from cats and get some cat grass, or catnip for your furry companion.

5. Consider taking them out on leads for a walk.

Only do this if you know it won't stress them out--but it's a good way for inside cats to get some fresh air.

6. Have at least one litterbox per cat.

This stops one cat dominating it.

7. Make sure they have lots of places to hide.

Especially if they don't like guests.

8. Keep your tabletops clear to remove the temptation they have of knocking everything off!

9. Try not to put their food, water and litterbox in close proximity.

Often, cats natural instincts and they won't want to eat/drink from something they think could be contaminated.

10. Consider investing in a drinking fountain for them.

Cats prefer running water.

11. Actively play with them for around 30 minutes a day.

They need exercise and attention!

12. Cats overeat when bored, so try not to leave too much food out during the day.

13. Cats don't like citrus scents.

Unless you're trying to keep them off something, avoid such smells as it gives them anxiety.

14. Cats LOVE scratching posts.

Getting them plenty of scratching scratching choices will stop them using the side of the couch.

15. Most of all, your cat loves YOU. So make sure you give them the love, care, attention and fun that they deserve.

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