Posts That Only Cat Owners Will Truly Understand

Some actions may look a little bit strange to people who never owned a cat (lived with a cat, to be more precise), but for cat people – they are entirely normal and a part of their everyday life.

Because they are very intelligent creatures and do as they please, we tend to look at them as humans. Manipulative, conniving humans set out to ruin our lives - but, nevertheless, humans.

We are just kidding, cats are great pets, and you will be happy with them. (I think she is sitting right behind me).

Let’s face it, we wouldn’t love them so much if they were any different.

We have collected some of the funniest posts from people who live with cats, and they are all hilarious.  

1. Nothing in the middle.

2. Yeah, this is true. My cat also thinks that.

3. To them, we are just a piece of furniture.

4. Sometimes we think of them as humans. Nasty humans.

5. Best alarm clock in the world.

6. A bit of a drama queen.

7. And they can be a real drama queen. Shakespearean theater drama.

8. They take over pretty quickly.

9. Exorcist.

10. Maybe. But I want it.

11. Understandable. I can relate to that.

12. Totally different energy… yeah.

13. Did he put his arm through the cat?

14. This obviously comes from an expert.

15. Rules don’t always make sense.

16. Of course she will listen to you.

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