14 Cat Photos That Prove Opposites Attract

In the cat world there are many myths about the symbolism of both black cats and white cats but seeing them together is like looking at visual peace. It's like looking at a living yin and yang and it is so very aesthetically pleasing. 

Growing up we had a cat that was both black and white and she was beautiful but there something so awesome about all black cats and all white cats. These kitty combos live on the opposites of the visual and mythical spectrum but I guarantee every cat lover will enjoy seeing them come together for every beautiful image on this list. 

1. Snuggles are the best.

These two kitties are so snuggly!

2. Pounce attack!

Black and white style.

3. The purrfect view.

This is so calming to look at.

4. Mesmerizing Eyes

Could this be any more beautiful?

5. Paws a moment to take in this image.

I love these kitties!

6. Purrty kitties.

These eyes are to die for.

7. They see you.

I almost didn't see them both.

8. Cat naps!

These two napping kittens look great together.

9. This one makes me sleepy!

I can practically hear them purring.

10. Lunch munch!

I'm convinced that everything a cat does is purrfection.

11. Yep, thats a duckling.

It's the best thing I'll see today.

12. Yin and yang outside.

This peaceful scene is too cute.

13. The look of content.

The heart makes this photo TEN times better.

14. Through the glass.

This one is definitely my favorite.

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