This Guy Has A Clever Way To "Trick" People Into Sending Pictures Of Their Pets

There are a lot of scams floating around the internet. Hardly a day goes by without an article about a little old man who accidentally lost his life savings to someone on the internet, or someone posts screenshots of their ridiculous conversations with someone trying to get them to purchase gift-cards. People regularly get texts and calls from scammers trying to tell them they've won a thousand pounds--despite living in the United States.

But this guy is turning the tide on scammers, and proving that sometimes ruses on the internet can be used for good. Like many scammers, this guy targeted a vulnerable community; cat lovers who believe that their cat is the best of them all.

The "scam" begins with an incendiary Tweet: "My cat is cuter than yours. Fight me"

Followed by a picture of a VERY cute cat.

And, as OP, "Donut Operator" knew they would; cat lovers retaliated!

All trying to show that their cat is cuter than OP's

They provided adorable pictures

Look at this sleepy guy

This guy strayed from tradition and sent a less "conventionally" cute cat

But it's still cute!!


Check out this cutie

A helpful little dude!

This cat also thinks that they're the best

This cat is so cute it can't handle being cute and has to hide

I just want to rub its tummy!

What a handsome duo!

Hiding so it can't see the other cute cats

Look at those gorgeous eyes!

This cat who has been tricked. But is still cute.

It has such big ears!

B i g C a t

"Paint me like one of your French cats"

This cat KNOWS it has a future as a model

Cool AND cute? Bonus points.

Remington knows he rules the house

It looks so happy!

AND THEN, Donut Operator revealed it had all been a trick!

Look, there are definitely worse kinds of tricks out there.

Luckily, not everyone fell for it to begin with


My face after being "tricked."

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