These Cat Pictures Are Exactly What You Need Right Now

Can you imagine life without cats? We should consider ourselves very lucky that we're blessed enough to have our feline friends constantly around us.

The best part is that there are millions of them out there! You can literally adopt as many cats as you want, just as long as you can afford to take proper care of them all.

The weird activities cats engage in on a daily day basis are just the cutest, they always manage to put a smile on our faces and it's just the purest kind of innocence and cuteness.

Try not to fall in love with all of the kitties in the posts below.

1. "Mama and her baby"

2. "My mom’s big cat Bob."

3. "All 3 boys "help" me get ready for work every morning."

4. Hipster cat is so cute

5. "Admiral Anchovies is two weeks old and has already mastered the judgemental cat stare."

6. You better watchout boi

7. Tiny chomper

8. They have each other now

9. Best kind of kisses

10. Cat: "Thank you, slave"


12. Lovely CHONK

14. So polite


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