Cat Became Tik Tok Famous After Making A Super Spooky Accidental Song On A Piano

Tik Tok is all the rage right now.

I know when I need a good laugh, that's where I turn. And I'm never disappointed. Ever.

In fact, I end up roaring with laughter, sometimes crying with laughter too. Laughing is my favorite medicine.

If you've been anywhere on social media lately, then you know we are currently in the midst of some very dark and terrifying times. So laughter isn't really happening much.

Apparently this cat got the memo of our global issue.

This purrty kitty got pretty hardcore with his piece, definitely could refer to it as a masterpiece!

Although it's rare, it isn't the first case of animals playing the piano.

Did you ever see the bear that broke into a house to play around on a piano?

Check it out first!

This is so comical to me. Haa

Now this song clearly isn't just some randomized tinkering on a piano. It's a full blown mood piece.

It's edgy, sharp, and meticulous. This fuzzy feline was in quite the mood while formulating this song.

You can tell by the kitty's body language!

Go on...

Watch his eyes, LOL.

My face be like...

this cat is establishing a minor 3rd motif. it is developed by transposing the motif down a whole step, and then another transposition down a major third. to build tension, the motif is then repeated, until finally stepping down a half step, and down a major third to release.
β€” miles mΓΈrkri (@milesmorkri) March 13, 2020

Alright, I'm shook.

Maybe this cat... used to be Stephen King's? Creepy.

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