This Cat Decided To Make Its Own Litter Tray Since The Humans Forgot To Leave The Bathroom Door Open

I've often wondered what goes through a cats head. What do they think about? Food, probably. Warm surfaces to sit on? Birds to watch out the window? Their thought process must be quite different to ours, which makes me wonder; how do they problem solve?

Cats are also known to develop some strange behaviours. From feeding time routines, playtime at 4 am or pat schedules. Cats usually just do whatever they want anyway, but some cats have a really strange behaviours. Like this cat, for example, who couldn't get to his litter box to do his business, and came up with a unique solution.

Reddit user 8080x posted about a situation their cat created:

"My cat couldn't get to his litter box because the toilet door was forgotten closed at night, so he spilt the litter bag himself and pooped on it..."

The cat, Tino (which is short for Valentino), had clearly learnt where the cat litter came from and then, in a desperate time of need, managed to open the bag to do his business in the litter.

In a conversation with Bored Panda, 8080x said:

“I honestly have no clue how or why he decided to put all this effort into doing this. I was quite surprised when I woke up to see the situation on the floor because he’s usually naughty and care-free. He has pooed in shoes before in other times that I accidentally forgot the toilet door closed. So I’m not sure why this time he decided to act responsibly!”

She went on to say:

“I’m guessing it’s just because this time he smelled the litter bag, which he knows is the same smell as where he is used to pooping. Did he do this because of ‘cleanliness?’ No, not really. He sometimes doesn’t even cover up his poop, so I’m confused as to why he decided to do it this time! He also sometimes poops on the side of the litter box. If I’m being honest, he really doesn’t give a crap about these kind of things – he just does whatever he wants and whatever he feels like. He’s the kind of cat to deliberately knock over your things off the desk with his paw. For absolutely NO reason. He’s super cheeky, hence why I was surprised when I woke up to see that he put all this effort into acting responsibly…”

One user wrote a hilarious poem about the situation!

Might be best to take precautions

Imagine waking up to your cat driving to work for you...

Kittens > Kids

Points for trying

Other users shared some stories too

Could've been a much worse scenario

Some cats are not so clever

There were puns to be made

Horror stories to be shared

Tino is a very responsible boy

I'm sure that's exactly what he was thinking

Survival instincts

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