Here Are 14 Cat Posts To Get You Through Your Day

As someone who works from home, I am incredibly blessed to able to spend the entire day with my cat. She spends most of the day trying to sit on my keyboard—which, as I am a writer, is a little problematic. My cat also seems to get a little jealous, choosing to glare at me when I press “play” on cat videos for articles. So safe to say she wasn’t a fan of this post.

But we bet you will be! This is some of the best cat content the internet has had to offer over the last few days, compiled into one neat post for your enjoyment. 

This cat is having the sweetest of dreams

This musical cat


This is Tic Tac. Tic Tac is wearing the tiniest sweater ever made (probably).

A perfect circle

This cat who looks like it has made a grave mistake but is also kind of comfortable.

I'm so proud

Everyone wishes they looked as majestic as this cat while using the bathroom

This piece of art belongs in a museum

Like mommy cat, like baby cat.

This kitty who wanted a bath

This just about sums it up!

If by "crash" you mean "greatly improve.

Realism is my favourite art genre

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