Adorable Cat Posts That Might Boost Your Mental Health And Make Everything Much Better

Cats have full control over the world and human beings, they subtly rule over us without raising too much suspicion. To this day we still have no idea that we're been living in a lie, we think that we are free, but it's all an illusion. 

Although no one can deny that we need them more than we think we do, they're such a crucial part of our lives and they brighten our lives in so many different ways. We find a lot of pleasure in spoiling them, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Prepare your body for this week's cat posts, you're in for a treat!

1. "Baby tiny-clawed stretch"

2. "My shy cat finally started warming up to me and now regularly sits on my lap, albeit, very awkwardly!"

3. "He refuses to let me use the bathroom alone"

4. "A boy and his mouse"

5. Look, I'm a hooman!

6. "On this day, my cake day, I would like to share my favorite photo of my cat, Benny. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!"

7. Great job!

8. You spooked me hooman

9. So talented and unique

10. Still trying to figure life out

11. What a cool cat

12. My heart just melted

13. Cats are liquid

14. Someone please love this kitty forever

Can you believe how cute this week's cats are? If they haven't cured your soul already, nothing ever will. Just kidding.

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