Cats Prove That They Rule The Internet And The World

Sometimes I wonder why we're all so addicted to our phones and the internet. Then I realise; it's because the internet is full of cat content. From photos, to funny videos and creative memes (Mr Sandman TikTok cats, anyone?), cats are constantly proving themselves to be the highlight of the internet. The addictive qualities of the internet as well as the rush of joy I can from cats is surely the reason my phone never leaves my hand.

After all, why would I use the internet to access a near-endless supply of information, where I could learn a new skill, read up on history or teach myself a whole new language when I can use it to look at cat videos?  

I fully believe that everyone becomes a cat person once they get a cat!

Forget teaching a human child how to speak; this is WAY better!

Like mommy, like kitten.


This cat who has invited everyone who has ever loved him to his 20th birthday party!

Spotted this Birthday invite 😍 from r/cats

Clear boxes are better than cardboard because you can see their cute lil faces when they "hide"

This is Osha, the cat I found on a construction site. His hobbies include boxes and not letting us sleep. from r/aww

Look how big its eyes are!!

This cat who takes her favourite toy into her favourite place for a nap

She’s happiest in the box with her fishy from r/cats

Also me when I see my neighbours have a cat

They're plotting something...

No one looks good in raincoats; EXCEPT this cat

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