Cat Posts That Will Surely Brighten Your Day With Humor

With the continued events in the news around the world these days, it is easy to feel exhausted or like things will always remain this way. Never fear though because this article is coming to the rescue.

Here are some photos and videos people have taken of their cats that are sure to brighten your day and show you that not all is bad in today’s world no matter what the international media would lead you to believe.

Here’s hoping no matter what is happening in your life or in the world that these beautiful cats will make things better even if just for a minute.

Cats master plan

Just chilling


Not even a cat likes that rubbish.

“Typical human.”

Kitty gang

Cat in the bag

Stop looking at me.

Too adorable

A true sign of friendship

“Plz human, can I have some more?”

When you just can't take the right selfie

There's nothin' like a cats love

Kitty takeover

She works hard for the money!

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