Here's A Compilation Post Of All The Best Cat Moments Shared Recently

I'm sure your newsfeed is full of photos of babies created by people you went to high school with, or horrid engagement photos from ex-colleagues. No doubt there's also some very contentious political opinions being shared by old relatives that you're trying to ignore. There's probably also some memes being posted by your younger siblings' friends that you just don't understand.

Never fear: this post is here to rescue you! You know what is bad? All of the things above. But you know what is good? CATS. Cats don't share pseudo-inspirational quotes all day, or invite you to invest in their latest pyramid scheme. So consider this post a break from all that. This post is purely a collection of some of the best cat pictures that have been posted recently.

Check out this cat knocking on a door

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This cat magically transformed into a turtle.

This cat has the exact same expression I picture the Virgin Mary having.

"Uh.. no, I didn't cheat, Joseph. I have no idea how this happened..."

Hope this cat can make a capPURRccino

I work at Starbucks and I won a tiny apron from r/cats

"Beaxtrix with a Purrl Earring"

Hang it in the Louvre.

Her meowsterpiece is finally here! Reddit, I present Beatrix with a Purrl Earring from r/aww

TFW you nap too hard you break your ear

When you’ve just woken up from your fourth nap from r/cats

This can has just swum its way into my heart

Meet Roxy: part parrot and part copy-cat.

When your cat and you pose the same. This is my parrot, Roxy. from r/aww

This is a conga line I can get into.

Not that I want to fight any cat; but I definitely don't want to fight this one.

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