Here Are A Bunch Of The Best Recent Cat Posts To Make Your Day

Sometimes when things get stressful, all you want to do is sit down and have a cuddle with a cat. It's actually been scientifically proven that cat purrs are good for human health! Some of the benefits of cat purrs include promoting human bone strength and healing, lowering blood pressure, assisting breathing, reducing infections and swelling, and lowering stress levels. Some sources even say cat owners have a 40% lower chance of having a heart attack (although those studies clearly don't include cats doing demon sprints down the hallway at 4am).

I don't know about you; but I already feel healthier! I'm sure looking at pictures of cats is good for you too (probably). If not good for your health, looking at cat photos is definitely good for your soul.

Dusty has no concept of personal space.

In fairness, as I write this my cat is sitting across my chest and arms making in very difficult to type.

10 year challenge but for cats

They grow up so fast :’( from r/aww

This cat who goes on a walk with an elderly woman... and waits for her to catch up!

This poor baby ate a wasp.

Sometimes we pat our cats while they sleep; and other times, they pet us.

This cat whose whiskers make him look incredibly wise!

His whiskers sometimes curl so they look like glasses from r/aww

This is the best tik tok I will ever see.

This very sophisticated cat named Luna.

A prim and proper Luna with her pawsies crossed from r/aww

This cat who pretends to eat so her rabbit sister feels comfortable.

When your mom says dinner is ready

These two adorable babies having a conversation

This family orientated cat with a tag that reads "Please don't take me I have a wife and kids."

The laws of gravity don't apply to Tubbs.

This is Tubbs. Tubbs defies gravity. from r/cats

This cat who looks so permanently distressed we've dedicated a whole post to him!

His name is Ah Fei, which means "fat" in Mandarin. Check out his Instagram @tang9599.

She saw something under the couch from r/aww

This cat who has been enthusiastically waiting for its online shopping to arrive.

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