These Cat Posts Are The Solution To All Of Your Lifes Problems

Only a few things can make you forget about the annoying things that happen to you on a daily day basis and cats are definitely one of those things. You don't even have to own one since the internet mostly consists of cat photos and videos. 

Cats pretty much live in their own universe, they don't take life as seriously as us and they're always having a great time. They're cute, so everyone feeds them for free and they get to nap all day long without getting judged. 

If you're having a bad day, then you came to the perfect place. This week's cat posts are really entertaining and overall adorable. 

1. "Best trap ever created"

2. "Tried to get a nice photo holding up my new kitten"

3. "Meet Lord von Derpenstein"


5. "Doing some work at my computer and turned around to see this"

6. Why are you always working, give me some attention please...

7. "My brother knocked on my door and I opened it up to see this"

8. I love everything about this ♥️


10. Cats are the weirdest

11. I want to do this so badly

12. I would like ten please

13. This is what "cat hell" would look like

14. You can't see me now

15. Just kidding hooman, I'd never hurt you

Feeling better now? Cat therapy is the best kind of therapy, it cures your heart and soul and makes everything much better.

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