Cat Started Joining Her Family's Prayer Time Ever Since She Got Her Own Miniature Praying Rug

When Tofu was just a few months old, the person who rescued her from the streets, unfortunately, couldn't keep her. That's how Mohammad Fahmi ended up adopting her and she's now an important part of the family.

Like most cats, Tofu is incredibly curious and loves to be involved in pretty much everything. She constantly wants to be surrounded by her family and insists on participating in whatever activity they're doing.

Fahmi’s dad usually goes to the mosque five times a day in order to pray. Unfortunately, he became unable to do so due to the coronavirus pandemic, so he decided to start praying at home with his son Fahmi instead.

“I convinced my mom to let Tofu stay,” Fahmi told The Dodo. “The whole family didn't really like pets, but now everyone is super into Tofu.”

Every time they start praying, Tofu immediately joins them.

“Tofu always loves when our family members are gathering in one spot, so whenever me and my dad go to pray together, she joins and just sits or disturbs us,” Fahmi said.

Tofu has a habit of rolling around on the prayer rugs wherever her family begins praying, so they started thinking of a way to distract her.

They eventually came up with the ultimate solution, they gave her her own miniature rug that looks just like the one they pray on — and it totally worked (at least most of the time). 

“Lately, she started to understand that the small rug is for her so she doesn’t disturb the others, that took a while,” Fahmi said. “That was a travel rug (adults use it only to cover the part where our face touches the ground), but we rarely use it anyway, might as well use it for Tofu.” 

Tofu loves gathering with her family whenever they're praying. She loves having them all in one place, and to her, that's what matters most.

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