A Quinceañera is The Pur-fect Way to Celebrate Your Cat.

Let's face it, celebrating the birthday of our pets is no new idea. As far back as I can recall having a pet of my own I celebrated their birthday. My kitties would get little bows to wear and a special treat and my dogs would get some unhealthy beefy meat to chow down on. I have a good friend who makes cat food cupcakes for her 2 boys every year. We love our cats, there's no denying it (like we would even want to...) There's a reason the running joke is that the cats own us, we'd do just about anything for our precious fur babies!

Luna was a wandering baby stray cat at only 3 weeks old when her family happened upon her. From the side of the road to their homes forever, that was her beginning. Every day since they took her in and embraced her as their family they have spoiled her sweet and as her 15th birthday approached they knew they had to do something even extra special and a very special party was just what they had in mind. 

Quinceañera is a cultural celebration most commonly found among Latin families, communities, and countries in which a young girl is welcomed into womanhood at the age of 15. This birthday celebration is considered a rite of passage and a very significant point in a young woman's life. Luna's family decided that this is what she needed to turn 15 as well. They loved and cherished their kitty so much that she just needed a celebration of grand proportions. 

Luna's brother, Angel Olavarria, interviewed with The Dodo recently and spoke fondly of his family's appreciation and devotion to their beloved feline:

Luna is an absolute sweetheart, loves curling up with people and loves laying on her back on the floor. We have spoiled her with abundant love and she has outlived all of our pets. On her 15th birthday we decided to give our little cheese ball a surprise quinceañera.

Angel Olavarria's mother was the genius behind the entire scheme but the real shocker here is that this party was not decided upon a whim, it was planned an entire year in advance! Actual party planning began a week before the party but the idea spawned an entire year before Luna even hit the age-specific milestone. Mom knew, though, that this party would be phenomenal and that the birthday girl would not only need the purr-fect dress, but that there would need to be cake and treats, lots of food, and even balloons! 

Olavarria said of his mother and her party planning goals:

My mom found the dress on Amazon. I totally thought my mom was joking when she said she was going to order a dress for her, but my mom never jokes about our pets.

Purr-incess Purr-ty girl.

The family what they would do for any other Quinceañera, they went all out. The home was decked out in pink. Pink balloons, pink tablecloth, pink napkins, pink, pink, pink, and more pink! From candles to an abundance of treats, this family knew that they were making it purr-fectly clear how loved and special Luna truly was. 

With 12 family members ready to celebrate, the day went down without a hitch. Luna's family put her in her fancy, pink dress, and began to celebrate 15 years of family with her seated at the head of the table. 

It may sound silly but Luna's family was completely serious! They celebrated for a whopping 3 hours and even had a traditional tres leches cake! 

Smile for the camera, Luna!
The look on her face as she prepares to devour her very own, special treat! Priceless.

If you're wondering just how much Luna enjoyed her special celebration, well her family had this to say:

She was such a good sport through the whole thing that we think she actually knew we were celebrating her. She loved it even more when we opened up a nice can of tuna for her.

Happy birthday, Luna! Your family has inspired us all to go the extra mile when celebrating our special furry family members. 

This cat obviously had an amazing birthday party! These people may have had good birthday parties but the presents they received were a bit horrifying.... horrifyingly bad!

What kind of person wouldn't enjoy hearing the words cats and birthdays in the same sentence? It is no surprize that us pet owners feel a certain devotion to our fur babies, and want to celebrate owning them as much as possible. For me personally, I can't go a week without having to update my followers on Instagram with a new picture of my beautiful cat. When our animals birthdays roll around each year, the majority of us want to spend all of our disposable income on yummy treats and tacky toys that fall apart within days, just to spoil them. If only they could speak, I'm sure we would be hearing a whole lot of thanks, or more likely a "shut up human, let me sleep."

Luna is a very special cat whose family adopted her when they found her fending for herself along the side walk. The kitten was only 3 weeks old when some well-deserved loving was finally in her sights. Luna's family has since showered her with love and attention. They decided that it was time to do something extra special to show their kitty how much she really meant to them, and throw Luna a special Quinceañera for her 15th birthday! 

Luna's quinceañera involved lots of treats for her and her guests!

The massive party is seen in Latin culture as a way to mark the big event of turning 15 in a young woman's life, with most teenagers looking forward to the day of their big celebration. Luna's family decided that she just had to have her own big party, and the plans began forming almost a year before the special date. With a pretty-in-pink theme, Luna was the center piece in a gorgeous kitty gown that matched all of her decorations. With everything organized from treats to a guest list, cake, and of course the outstanding dress for Luna, the special event was something that this precious kitty and her family will never forget.

Slay Queen, or should I say Purrn-cess.

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