Cat Servants Made A List Of Hilariously Relatable Rules Their Cat Masters Set Out For Them

Everyone in history who has ever owned a cat will agree on one very important thing... They are the boss! Or at least they think they are, and most of the time it's better for your home life to just go with that theory unless you want to be attacked every time you open a cupboard or try to get a snack. 

Cats like to be the alpha in all situations, that means once you pick them up and bring them into your home you're no longer the boss, or even second in charge to being the boss. You're your cat's servant. 

And according to this list made by cat servants all over, the cats plan to keep us serving them for the entire foreseeable future.

1. “I must be in every room you are. I will claw at the door and carpet if I am not allowed in. Do not follow me around. I want my space.” – thecalmninja

2. “The day begins at 4 am.” – battlecats44

3. “If you do anything to my poop box, I must immediately rechristen it.” – Taddare

4. “Leave the door open, you don’t need privacy in the toilet.” – Persiandude73

5. “When you shut off all the lights to go to bed, that is ancient cat language for war. And therefore I will attack your legs as soon as the lights go off.” – PegaKing

6. “1) Pats now or else. 2) Don’t touch me.” – AdseyV

7. “All housemates must gaze upon my anus daily.” – postingstuff

8. “Cats eat before dogs. Dogs do not touch cat toys, but cats can have free reign over dog toys. Cats get the spot on the bed that they want, dogs may have the leftovers.” – LiterallyOuttoLunch

9. “We say ‘bed time!’ and our cats go running upstairs. If we’re staying up later, the kitten will bring his favorite bed toy and drop it at my feet.” – monders337

10. “If you do not maintain visual contact with cheese products at all times you agree to forfeit your right to finish eating said cheese products.” – purpleRN

11. “Clean laundry will be considered as a bed.” – root_su

12. “The toys I played with yesterday must be replaced with brand new, different toys today.” – WallyPlumstead

13. “You shall not roll over while you’re asleep.” – smileedude

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