This Cat Can Say "Uh-Oh" Like A Human Every Time She Wants Food

This is Bacon — a cat who figured out how to get what she wants.

But the lovely calico doesn’t use just a typical “meow.” She can mimic her owner’s words -“Uh-oh.”

When they heard her the first time, Bacon’s mom and dad couldn’t believe what they are hearing. “When we get up in the morning and go to feed her without thinking, we would say, ‘Uh-oh! your bowl is empty,’” said Barbara Jones, Bacon’s mom. “Out of the blue one morning, she said ‘Uh-oh’ first very clearly!”

They clearly heard her say “Uh-oh,” but when they tried to get her to do it again, Bacon didn’t want to do it. “She is a cat after all,” Jones said.

This is the cute kitty in question

Luckily, they didn't have to wait long for her to repeat the words – she said it the next day, when her owners gave her food, and since then, she continues saying it almost every day.

"Now when we ask her, 'Do you wanna eat?' she responds with a hearty 'Uh-oh,'" Jones says. "To her, it means, 'Feed me!'" 

Jones and Bacon’s are very close from the second they met 11 years ago. “I heard a kitty just yelling outside my apartment. I opened the door, and she ran in,” Jones says. “Bacon picked me.”

When Bacon needs food, she uses words. Love is something she never has to ask in this loving home.

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