The 10 Sleeping Positions That Shows You How Much Your Cat Owns You

If there is one thing that we know for sure in this world is that cats love to sleep! I'm talking about sleeping at least 22 hours of the day and not giving a crap about it because they can do whatever they want and nobody will tell them otherwise.

It's not bad and sometimes when you take a nap with them they tend to just snuggle up to you to keep you warm. But most of the time you will get a wagging tail straight in the face, your toes get bitten and licked, oh, and don't forget the 10-pound dead weight on your chest.

They make it so hard to sleep and that is why this list of sleeping positions was compiled to show you the different type of positions that you can try with your cat unwillingly and without your consent. Good luck! 

1. The one who keeps staring at you

2. "Yeah, whose the boss now, hooman?"

3. Welcome to marriage counselling

4. The "your are not getting any sleep tonight" position

5. How fun is it to get smothered by your cat?

6. Like waking up to a dead mouse in your bed?

7. When there is no space for you and you won't dare move the cat

8. When they won't move at all, no matter what you do

9. Just give up already!

10. Now, you're screwed!

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