Hilarious And Adorable Cat Snapchats You Need To See Right Now

Snapchat has done it again! No, no, I don't mean more weird yet entertaining filters to amuse you in your most boring hours, I mean Snapchat Cats! What are Snapchat cats? Are you kidding me?

Only a bunch of the best and brightest cats that made it from real life to cyber life via the amazing app we call Snapchat. 

They were that good in real life that people had to share them with their friends, and now thanks to the magic of the internet we all get to enjoy the magic of feline furballs! Scroll down to take a look and choose your favorite!

The magic of friendship!

You must never disturb a sleeping cat...

You have to find a way to make yourself heard! Yelling works well.

The cat looks a little offended...

I've never seen anything like this before!

The garden princess!

Look at the wonder in that adorable little face!

Always near. Always watching.

What a terrifying gang

Don't they make the cutest couple!?

I don't think he has a choice, that's his cat now.

I'm not crying... I have allergies...

DEMON! Oh... Wait.


Same girl, same.

Cats do care!

Excuse me ma'am, can Johnny come out to play?

How cute!

I'm not the hero this city wants, or needs, but I am here nonetheless...

I call this my judging post!

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