Indoor Cat Snuck Out Of His House Only To Majorly Regret It Afterwards

When Henry the cat's owner, Katherine Fogg, ordered a pizza, this feline took the opportunity to sneak out on his own little adventure. Of course, he sorely regretted the consequences that came with it. The day he went outside also happened to be the day where rain would mercilessly pour from the sky.

As hilarious as this short journey which ultimately ended in Katherine having to bring Henry back inside, you can't help feeling bad that the cat got cold and soaked. Hopefully he's learned his lesson, but seeing as cats are extremely mischievous and curious, I highly doubt that he did.

"Appreciating my best bud after a happy reunion."

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Appreciating my best bud after a happy reunion

Kat Fogg(@kfogger)님의 공유 게시물님,

Here's the video Katherine posted:

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