This Cat From Oklahoma Has A Unique Way Of Stealing Cash For His Local Charity

Now, it's safe to say that cats are hoarders by nature. We have led to this conclusion through always searching for socks, rolls of yarn and even some snacks that we left in the open. After searching endlessly for our things we finally found it in the cat's hiding place.

So, if you are a cat owner and you are missing some socks, other clothing pieces and some of your delicious snacks, look to the cat because we are 99% sure that the cat is stashing it somewhere that you never would have thought to look.

This marketing firm, GuRuStu in Tulsa, Oklahoma had the very same incident when their office cat called, Sir Whines-A-Lot, started snatching cash from passersby and he decided to stash it in the glass front doors.

They obviously first thought he stole it but they soon realized that they passersby was using bills to toy with him and when they thought they were still playing he would snatch it away. What a clever kitty!

So far he has raised $100 for his local charity and is so very proud of it!

Have a look at Sir Whines-A-Lot's favorite game.

It wasn't long until Sir Whines-A-Lot became a bit of an icon in his neighborhood. As a result of this more and more people wanted to come to play with him and as they did that they filmed their play time.

When they were all done playing the "customers" would upload their transactions on GuRuStu Facebook page for everyone to see! The owners of the firm thought it was only right to donate the money to a worthy cause. 

Now, since the kitty is a cash snatcher they thought it right to change his name to Cashnip Kitty. So far he has "raised" $100 and the owners of the family-owned firm decided to donate it to the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless.

The director of the homeless center Monica Martin says that the fact that the money was raised by a cat makes it so much more special. "I’ve heard of a lot of unique ways people are raising money for us, but this is a first for me and I absolutely love it."

Just look at all that cash!

Cashnip Kitty's owners say that he has been raking in anywhere from $30 to $40 a weekend and they are sure he will be "raising" a lot more money now that he is so famous. One Facebook user even said that she will ask for donations for him instead of birthday gifts.

What an awesome thing to do! 

Even though the owners did put a sign up on the glass door saying that Cashnip Kitty does tend to steal money, the donations are still just pouring in. It looks like people find him so adorable that they are willing to give him a dollar or two to support his cause!

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