A Police Sergeant Was Pretty Surprised After His Cat Brought Home A Bag Of Weed

Tiger is not just a regular cat, in fact, he has a huge problem. Even though he happens to be owned by a police officer, he can't help but steal things from all over the neighborhood where they live, and considering how generous he is, he always brings home the things he managed to steal on that day. 

The funny part about all of this is the fact that his owner is a police officer in Oregon, and to think that it should be reason enough not to get involved in illegal things, Tiger is such a rebel. He spends most of his time roaming around and stealing anything he founds interesting, which is usually complete junk, like cups, underwear, gloves and pretty much anything that doesn't hold any real value.

After things started getting a little bit ridiculous, his owner felt compelled to start a Facebook page where he showcases all the stolen stuff Tiger brought home.

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