Cat Stars In This Viral Video Really Sounding Like A Human

Probably every person who ever had a pet at some point wished that their pets could talk. Probably it was a moment of sadness when you are spilling your guts to your animal friend. (they are great listeners, especially for teenage love problems).

People also wish their pets can talk when they are drunk. I swear, it’s the strangest thing. And even stranger is that some of those people actually think their pet talked back to them. 

Fortunately, that is not the case here. One TikTok user managed to capture on video his cat making sounds that really resemble a human talk.

Ike Tommy was making a video of his cat, or bathroom floor when she began meowing at him as she awaited just outside the bathroom. The following meow sounded eerily like, “Are you coming?” Tommy turned the camera so he could capture on video her human words once more, but she decided only to make mewing sounds.


What did she say?!? #fyp #foryoupage #4upage #cat

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The video got 24,000 comments, and most of them agree that it would be awesome if animals could talk.

“I swear [animals] can talk but they aren’t allowed to let us know lol,” wrote TikTok user @ickyandwinky.

Other people paid more attention to the cat’s attempts to cover her tracks by simple meowing.

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