Adorable Cat Insists On Taking Its Toys When It Goes Out On Adventures

Human children often tend to choose a toy to drag around with them when they go out and about. They choose one and decide that they love it so much that it needs to accompany them on their adventures. Dogs sometimes do this too; take their favourite toy along with them (often burying it in the dirt and chewing it to pieces) in an act of love.

But in this story; it isn't a dog, or a child, but an adorable tuxedo cat. Cats can be very, very strange sometimes, but at least they look cute while they do it!

Beth Wilson is an artist and cat lover who lives in the UK.

This is their cat: Pixie.

Pixie is so loving; so loving in fact, that she shares her love with her toys.

When Pixie goes outside for a lie down in the sun, she seems to think that one of her soft toys will enjoy that too!

This one genuinely looks like someone has made a smaller, stuffed, version of her!

In a conversation with The Dodo, Wilson discussed how the seasons affect Pixie's plans:

"In summer she likes to take them into the garden. Sometimes she just takes them for a tour and then back in the house. Other times, they get left in the greenhouse. If I put a blanket on the grass to sit on, she will put toys on it. In winter, she just carries them 'round the house. She might take several into one room."

When the house cleaner comes, Pixie tidies up her toys and puts them in a box. But as soon as the cleaner leaves, she gets some of her toys back out.

Pixie and her owner, Beth Wilson, have been together since Pixie was a kitten; and their love is unparalleled.

When they aren't taking adorable pictures of Pixie, Wilson drawing pictures of them--amongst other things. Follow their cat art Twitter @doodlecats and other page @doodlebeth.

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