Cat Tumblr Posts Will Cause Any Cat Owner To Think, 'Yup, Spot On'

Let's run through some awesome cat facts, shall we?

  1. Cats are fluffy, independent balls of fur that can lower your risk of heart disease. (The more you know, for real!)
  2. Cat purrs help to heal bones, muscles, and tendons on their humans.
  3. They reduce stress and anxiety. (This one was too obvious, right?)
  4. A study shows that just watching cat videos reduces your negative energy.
  5. Another study shows that if you introduce your child to a cat before the age of 1, they're less likely to develop allergies.

Basically, cats rule the world. But you already knew that didn't you?! Now that you have some facts under your belt, let yourself laugh at these posts that are just too relatable!

1. Lies. All the lies.

2. Duh.

3. HA this sounds like something I'd say. LOL



6. Basically.

7. Oh they have, you best believe.

8. Did someone interview our farm cats?!

9. This is a monstrosity!

10. Awe, this really is beautiful.

11. Gross, lol.

12. So many purrs.

13. Google tells all.

14. Seriously though. LOL

15. OMG the name. HAHA

16. Yeah...

17. Perfection.

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