Clever Cat Surprises Owner By Teaching Himself To Use The Toilet

It's no secret that cats are very classy, refined creatures. I mean, there's a reason we are their servants after all.

Now, there are some cats, however, who take the meaning of being refined to a whole new level. Take Ramen the cat, for example. It seems Ramen has decided that using a litter tray is beneath him, and just plain too yucky for his liking. He's far too sophisticated for that, thank you very much!

Ramen's owner, Izzie Willis, recently posted on Twitter about how she discovered her beloved feline had somehow managed to train himself to use the toilet like a human.

“I was brushing my teeth [in the bathroom] and he came up to me, looked me square in the eyes and started pissing in the toilet,” Willis said. “My reaction was, ‘Wow.’”

"I’m presuming he learnt from watching us," Willis said.

Izzie figured no one would believe it without proof, so she decided to capture Ramen in action in a video.

Although Ramen hasn't mastered the art entirely. Izzie says he never flushes. He leaves that part up to her.

Experts say that cats can definitely be taught to use a toilet, however, it's not encouraged as this practice deviates from a cat's normal behavior of covering what they leave behind.

But since Ramen has evidently taught himself this new way of using the toilet, he doesn't appear to be worried about it, and therefore it's not a concern.

Does your cat use the toilet like Ramen?

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